Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dude where did you get that?

                                         AT CRIMSON AND CLOVER DUDE!

Super cool Unisex 80's pullover drawstring neckline. You know you will be the new what's happin' dude.

Super 70's tropical coolness.

For you tall skinny dudes.Classic 60's vintage.
Pictures do not show the great details, buttons, fabric, in great condtition

80's Green striped Mervyn's Brand. Epaulette shoulder details.

Classic HbarC neat western shirt.

70's Poly Levis Vest

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

get em while they're hot

blue and white jumper sold (like it seems half the store sold when a nice couple from out of town came shopping on saturday), but the adorable porkchop rules necklace and fhf vintage mesh top is still available!

kara just made a bunch of new earrings (above) while nicole has some new necklaces (below).  p.s.  a couple of kara's earrings are already sold
vintage knit jumpsuit from porkchop with vintage belt and flaming hag recycled leather feather earrings

excellent vintage dress from porkchop with vintage 80s neo-tribal "kitchen sink" necklace from flaming hag
always loads of baubles in the window.... and with all the empty hangers left from weekend sales, look for tons of new stuff this week!