Saturday, January 30, 2010

sneak peek: late january at the shop

freshly picked vintage dresses

flaming hag folkwear one of a kind altered tee with porkchop rules necklace

handmade + vintage = bliss

vintage ensemble from flaming hag topped off with one of a kind porkchop rules necklace

one of a kind necklace by porkchop rules

one of a kind handmade recycle-y necklaces by flaming hag folkwear

charming earrings by porkchop rules

flaming hag folkwear goes lacy with more one of a kinds

we heart neo-victorian

so many necklaces to choose from

men are people, too

winter whites: vintage dress and handmade earrings by porkchop with neckpiece by flaming hag

cheery colors and basket purses awaiting spring

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