Sunday, February 21, 2010


When you come into our store you think this is a womens store....but we  love to find vintage goodies for the dudes too. The DUDEs section is in the back of our store.
boats n hoes-belt and suspenders

these are for sale

plaid is always in style

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  1. Hello ladies! I stopped in and met with Kara during a shopping spree there last week and am so glad I found your guys' blog. I mentioned to Kara that I'm a local web designer and would love to set the boutique up with a .com which links to your etsy shops as well as this blog. I left my name/email on the clipboard in the shop's guestlist but here it is again if you are interested:
    Liz Franco
    Email -

    ps; I also hyped C&C in one of my fashion posts {wearing a romper I purchased from your shop} on my blog here;