Friday, October 15, 2010

lovely locals

almost on a daily basis we have folks wander in to the shop from far and near. some recommended to us by a friend, some happening by just having finished a meal at Hot Italian, others as if being magnetically drawn to us by some otherworldly vintage power.  we enjoy sharing our little shop with newcomers....but we are also really really fortunate to have loyal regulars, whose smiles we love seeing come through the door.

above, tiava--one of our lovely regulars!!-- is wearing a gorgeous vintage brocade dress from c&c.  the second photo is of tiava and priscilla, who also found her dress at our shop.  they were attending the wedding of a friend (beautiful bride!); they looked great and i hear that they had a lovely time, too.  we just had to post their pics, both as a little shout out to them (hi!  thanks so much!  we love you!) and to brag about the beauty and sweetness of our customers.

another regular who we keep forgetting to snap a photo of (because 9 out of 10 times she comes in she is wearing something she got at c&c) is nicole.  but the okay part of our forgetting to get her picture is that she often blogs about her outfits and things she picks up at our shop (like the shoes above--why did i sell those?! oh yeah, not my size..).  check out her blog here for outfit posts, art, and more.
and check out our featured local blogs at the side for more lovely regulars, too.
thank you thank you thank you to all those who shop with us.  helping you find that something special makes all our work worthwhile.

meanwhile, we've been doing a little rearranging at the shop. coats have been coming out to play, the mens section has had a little makeover, and more.....

psst, Halloween approaches...and we can help
p.s.  as always, we have steals and deals for under $10 on the front rack outside

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  1. Awe, you blogged about me! I love it. I also love the new guys section at C&C! I bought a handsome brown button up sweater with stripes around the collar and sleeves- Ryan LOVED it! He won't even take it OFF!! You are more than welcome to any other pictures on my blog- thanks for sharing the love :)