Monday, January 17, 2011

it's a nice day for a white wedding (time capsule collection, pt. 1)

last week we had the opportunity to purchase a collection of vintage clothing from a wonderful lady who had lovingly gathered pieces through years of working estate sales in the midwest united states. throughout this week, at any spare moment we had, we would begin to gently sift though these treasures, oohing and ahhing in unison at pieces we never thought we would be lucky enough to find.

today was the first day we began to catalog the collection, and we started with a group of edwardian whites. oh, the details! shades of white, embroidery and lace, light as air and so soft to the touch. 

these pieces are too fragile to hang in our shop, but they are still suitable to be worn for special occasions. prices are available upon request. viewings by appointment. serious inquiries, only.

we will continue to catalog this special collection in coming days and weeks, and we will share our progress.  we also hosted a photo shoot today, featuring a local team of photographers and clothing and accessories from the shop, and hope to share those photos with you soon.
thanks so much. xo


  1. Wow those are insane. Sign me up! I wish.

  2. um, i just died. those are amazing.

  3. you know I just want to view to view, as this spinster isn't getting married anytime soon.

    If you need someone to come in and uh, take photos? Let me know.

    These are amazing!

  4. Amazing! You have such fun jobs. I can't wait to see the new photos!

  5. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback! After I got done posting this, I worried that the dresses would look very flat and boring--it is great to know we aren't the only ones in love with them (and no wedding necessary!).

  6. AGHHHHH! Next time I'm up in Sacramento, I'd love a viewing! I just posted some pics of the slip I bought at your shop on my blog : )