Thursday, January 27, 2011

speakeasy (time capsule collection, pt. 2)

 more from the collection we acquired earlier in the month, this time focused on 1930s fashions.

prohibition---and therefore speakeasies---only lasted from 1920 until 1933 in most parts of the united states.  so maybe some of these garments weren't constructed during the thick of it, but they most certainly capture the heady vibe of these clandestine night spots...

...and the art of dressing.

we hope that sharing photos of items from this collection inspire you (as much as they have us). to dress beautifully.  to create.  to love.

please note:  these pieces are too fragile to hang in our shop, but they are still suitable to be worn for special occasions. prices are available upon request. viewings by appointment. serious inquiries, only.

p.s.  the end of january sale is still on.  deals from $1-5 on the patio out in front of the shop all week.


  1. I call the peach dress and the capelet!!! : ) For reals though. I just called the shop about it.