Thursday, March 24, 2011


victorian beaded collar and boots, flapper headband and more on our table at the Vintage Expo last weekend. 
lighting for photo-taking sucked majorly, so please excuse the photo quality throughout the post.

what we wore:  we didn't take any proper outfit posts on saturday, just this sasquatch sighting-like photo i snapped of me wearing a beaded 1920s dress from the collection and Kara's vintage Sbicca platform boot.

before we opened on sunday i snapped the views from our booth.  it is funny to see it so empty.

beaded dresses from our collection.  it was only after placing the cream dress (below) on the mannequin that we noticed that the beaded design had animals in it (!).

one of the best parts of the show was finding homes for our special pieces with people who actually intended to wear them.  above Mary adopted the 1930s feathered capelet that she'd been admiring since we posted it on the shop blog. we also sold a little fur capelet to a woman who will be wearing it to her wedding in a couple weeks, as well as one of our 1930s bias cut gowns to a charming gal who plans to wear it to the upcoming Deco Ball.

we had so many beautiful collars in our collection.  the victorian beaded capelet below sold sunday evening as we were packing up (goodbye, little capelet....)

our vast collection of itty bitty shoes. 
our other favorite part of the weekend was meeting the proprietess of Rubaiyat  Handmade Shoes as she browsed our shoe collection. she and her husband made all the shoes above, and they are now making Kara and I each a pair of shoes based on our favorites from our collection (below).  we will surely share photos when they are done in May (can't wait!).

 it was tiring, the weather outside was miserable, and we invested quite a lot into it...but we'll probably do it again sometime :)
hello and many thanks to all who stopped by our booth!  xo


  1. wow. i want to go there. i wish we had stuff like that here in humboldt county. victorian stuff makes me swoon, too. and damn those itty bitty shoes. i'm a modern gal with boat feet and those little shoes get me all het up with bitterness. *wink*

  2. Wowza!! I'm super excited about having shoes custom made, it's been a dream of mine forevs! Thanks for sharing the link, I am all over it!