Thursday, June 16, 2011


 the best things come in big black trash bags? the past couple days we have been working on a huge buy from a chicago estate. tons of good stuff, mostly 70s and 80s (and freshly laundered to boot!). the first pieces were put out for sale today, with more added daily until...well, the season changes, and then we will have more to add then, too.

70s does the 50s cotton sun dress by Adini; necklaces by porkchop rules

early 80s strapless cotton jumpsuit; necklace by flaming hag folkwear
detail of a vintage 70s velveteen blazer whose print is based on the Unicorn Tapestries (we think this one'll stay in our collection for a while before we'll be able to part with it!)
fresh cut lavender gifted to us by our lovely neighbor :)
in other news, fresh stuff on the sale rack, with a bunch of things just marked down to $1--last chance before they get donated (where they'll end up priced higher...go figure).

thanks for checking in on us.  xo

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