Sunday, October 2, 2011

yvonne's closet

charming feminine frocks

70s knit shirtdresses from Joseph Magnin and Roos/Atkins

several of the midcentury pieces were handmade by yvonne herself!

glass buttons on the left; Chanel style on the right

this week we had the pleasure of meeting yvonne and her friend, june, who brought to the shop much of yvonne's wardrobe from the 1950s-1970s. she was hoping that we might be able to find good homes for her old clothes....we think we can make that possible ;)
photos above feature just a few pieces. more to come, along with offerings from our other Fall/Winter stash.
happy October.  xo, c&c


  1. Yvonne and June have good taste! Can't wait to try to fit my big business into some of your new old stuff!!

  2. very cool! Im going to stop by next weekend when I'm in town :)